New green investments in Hanplast!

Hanplast is launching an investment project is partially financed by a grant from Norway through the Norwegian Financial Mechanism 2009-2014, in the frame of Green Industry Innovation Programme Poland. As part of this investment we will build up photovoltaic panels on the roofs of warehouses and production hall, we will install energy efficient LED lighting and use low temperature heat pumps . More about the investment in chapter "Grants".


EU Donations for Hanplast

In January 2012 Hanplast Sp. z o.o. has finished a few investments with regard to the project „ Production diversification of Hanplast company through purchase of modern technological lines” which was in 50 % founded by European Fund of Regional Development and by national budget. We have modernized and expanded our services. For more information look at "EU Donations" on our website.


The celebration of 50 years of cooperation between Ikea and Poland

In June this year, we have been celebrating Tillsammans Day on which we have been remembering the 50 years of a great cooperation of Polish suppliers with Ikea. On that occasion we have organised a contest for the children entitled: "The room of my dreams". The children could bring us works made with various techinques. The contest enden in the beginning of August and the results were sent to Ikea.


Newest technologies in Hanplast

In the beginning of this year an installation of a modern energy saving cooling system by Reisner has been finished. This system cools the moulds and hydraulic system and uses the waste warmth to heat the factory buildings. The Epsilon installation with 3 turbocompressors with the power of 900 kW is the heart of the system. There are also two new dry coolers that support the system. Such a compilation makes the system very flexible. Extended control system ensures the proper functionality of all the system installations. The system has been equipped with two containers for dosing the biocides and anticorrosives. Full stream filters Reisner BO-X installed in the return path eliminate all the impurities from the water.


Hanplast has launched the pallet rent system!

Hanplast Company basing on its experience in plastic pallet production has launched the pallet rent system. Numerous advantages of plastic pallets, their ways of usage and economical benefit from renting sytem are worth attention. For more information, please enter our website: "Plastic pallets"


Hanplast among the awarded by Gazele Biznesu 2009

It has been our 6th award in Gazele Biznesu competition. We are one of the most dynamic, competent and reliable companies in Poland. Another reward – Gazela Biznesu proves our honesty towards clients as well as employees. We are proud of our achievement


R&D Department in Hanplast

On the 30th of October a new department has been founded in our company, namely - Research and Development (R&D) Dept. which is going to cooperate with the client in the field of project and product development: product design, product construction, mould realization and finally – production release. The R&D Department will also cooperate with the Production Department in the field of technical issues, mould maintenance and new technologies introduction. Moreover, R&D will conduct trainings concerning mould construction and exploitation.


Hanplast heading to perfection

During 29-30 of October our client – TPV Company has conducted in Hanplast an audit checking the management of production processes, quality of products and services, cooperation with R&D department and others. We have achieved the result of 92% which makes us proud of ourselves however there is still much work to do to achieve a result even closer to perfection.


Our stand at Poltools 2009 in Bydgoszcz

In the ranks of our cooperation with Bydgoski Klaster Przemysłowy – the organization that gathers the biggest companies from the region which deal with plastic injection moulding as well as mould and equipment production, our company has prepared the stand on Poltools Fares 2009 that were carried out from 7th till 9th of October. The fares were the great opportunity to present our activities to a wide range of visitors, we had also many opportunities for business debates and exchange of experiences with the representatives of other companies. On the third day of the fares, two of our engineers made a presentation about the innovative injection method - RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Molding). The presentation was appreciated by the audience. We are waiting for the next fares impatiently.

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To be dependable and competitive business partner that is responsible for all the stages of the project – from idea to the product – in a long-term cooperation with customers in order to jointly create innovative, solid and economically effective products.


Icon of Golden Hundred in Kuyavia and Pomerania

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K - 2019 in Dusseldorf

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Thank you for visiting our stand during annual trade show in Kielce. We had a chance to have very interesting discussions about our possibilities and new opportunities for business. We hope to realese new projects soon.