We deliver plastic parts to the leaders of electronic, electrotechnics and telecommunication branches as well as the manufacturers and suppliers of packaging and logistics. 

All the customers are considered strategic business partners therefore, the most important  in our relations are:

- knowledge and experience exchange

- competitiveness and the success of our client


The demands of the market have changed the idea of the supplier from a partner responsible for only one stage of the project to the partner responsible for the entire process. As a result, we keep working over expanding our offer and become  a satisfying partner on every stage of the assignment.

We are a comprehensive partner in the sphere of:

- product design and development 

- professional advice concerning the choice of raw material

- verification of the tasks

- simulation

- prototypes

- moulds construction and production

- trials of the product/product tests

- release of the product and process


HANPLAST Sp. z o.o.

ul. Władysława Paciorkiewicza 3
85-862 Bydgoszcz

Tel.: (048) (52) 323 42 00

fax: (048) (52) 323 42 99



To be dependable and competitive business partner that is responsible for all the stages of the project – from idea to the product – in a long-term cooperation with customers in order to jointly create innovative, solid and economically effective products.



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