Stadium seats

The stadium seats we offer meet all the FIFA, UEFA, PZPN and PZP demands that are in force for this type of products, what is more, they have many usable features such as:

- ergonomic shapes that guarantee fully comfortable relaxation

- resistance to the influence of weather conditions (unchangeable strength and physical and chemical features in the range of temp. -30C +80C)

- very high mechanical strength achieved due to special construction and raw materials used for production

- easiness of assembly, straight to the concrete surface or other constructions

- resistance to discolouring caused by sunlight (stabilised UV)

- incombustibility


We offer stadium seats in two versions:

Version I

Version II

The stadium seats in both dimension versions, depending on individual needs of the client. They can be made of modified PP or PA.


Back width from 43cm
Seat width 43cm
Narrowing to 32cm
Seat length under knees 38cm
Back height 39cm



Back width from 41cm
Seat width 41cm
Narrowing to 34cm
Seat length under knees 29cm
Back height 35cm


There is a possibility to order the seats together with the assembly, we also give assembly instructions with drawings and guidelines. Each version can be made in any colour RAL (any colour different than 8 RAL colours prologues the production process). It has been 10 years since we sell our stadium seats in Poland and abroad. The high quality of the product has made us one of the most significant stadium seats manufacturer in Poland. We are able to produce up to 30 thousand stadium seats per month.

High quality raw materials bought only from reputable European suppliers as well as accurate production process stability control have guaranteed long life of our stadium seats.

 The stadium seats made by Hanplast have received the following certificates:

- fire classification dated 16.10.2008 ITB – examination of the toxic products emission while decomposition and combustion processes of the material IBR/Z-037-2004-07-16 The West Pomeranian University of Technology, laboratory examining fire features of the materials

- Certificate nr 316/97/W – strength examination for the plastic stadium seat on sports site - Zakład Badań i Wdrożeń Przemysłu Meblarskiego PUR – REMODEX sp. z o.o. in Poznań

- Resistance to flammability examination nr BLN 200.97C , BLN 124.97B PIMOT


Our stadium seats have been used in the following places:

- Olimpc Berlin;
- Widzew Stadium in Łódź;
- ŁKS Stadium in Łódź;
- Wisła Stadium in Kraków;
- Pogoń Stadium in Szczecin;
- Dyskobolia Stadium in Grodzisk Wielkopolski;
- Olimpic Training Center in Spała;
- Zawisza Stadium in Bydgoszcz;
- Orlen Stadium in Płock;
- MKS Zagłębie Stadium in Lublin;
- KSZO Stadium in Ostrowiec Św.;
- Wda Stadium in Świecie;
- Sports and Exhibition Hall Łuczniczka in Bydgoszcz;

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