Hanplast Sp. z o.o. has just finished new investment „ Production diversification through purchase of modern technological lines” which was in 50 % founded by European Fund of Regional Development and by national budget.

We have made the following investments:

-          3 injection moulding machines with clamping force 600 to 1300 tons with robots

-          RHCM (Rapid Heat Cycle Moulding) System

-          automatic frame assembly and packing line

-          a mould for frame production

-          factory power system

-          two-component injection moulding technology

-          cooling system


The realization of this investment increased the quality of services offered by Hanplast. Due to new power system we were able to add new devices and machines that are equipped with innovative technical solutions that were not used in our company before. The  two-way power supply enables energy security. Investment in two-component injection moulding significantly increased process efficiency. We have also modernized the cooling system for machines and moulds, the heat we are able to regain we use for heating the buildings. This solution lowered energy consumption and as a consequence – reduced CO2 emission. We have modernized and automated production of a few items – we have also introduced new ones and improved those we have been already producing.

The realization of this investment places Hanplast among the most innovative companies in Poland and we can meet the client’s most demanding expectations.

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To be dependable and competitive business partner that is responsible for all the stages of the project – from idea to the product – in a long-term cooperation with customers in order to jointly create innovative, solid and economically effective products.


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