Integrated Management System of Quality

The scope of the Integrated Management System of Quality, Health and Safety and Environment
includes design, production and sales:

  • plastic products
  • injection moulds
  • photovoltaic modules

which guarantee stability and the opinion of a trustworthy business partner.


  1. The Management Board of Hanplast Ltd. with top management for aiming to ensure a high quality products and achieve a high level of customer satisfaction, it takes into account the health and safety of all employees, the surrounding environment, based on the requirements of standards ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, PN-N 18001, customer requirements, and own experience and knowledge.   


The Management Board of Hanplast Ltd. with top management:

  • take responsibility for the effectiveness of the Integrated Management System,
  • ensure the integrity of the management system requirements with the company’s business processes,
  • undertake to design of injection moulds and plastic products  in accordance with customer’s expectation as well as requirements of the standards and regulations by using optimization of solutions and design, and also the newest technology,
  • undertake to produce of injection moulds and plastic parts of the highest quality for electronic, telecommunication and automotive as well as for packaging and accessories for home and garden by using innovative solutions,
  • undertake to produce photovoltaic modules by innovative technology Smart Wire®,
  • monitors KPIs to achieve the intended results,
  • guarantee that services and products meet all requirements and demands of our customers and also standards and regulations,
  • obey the rules, norm and standards concerning Health & Safety and Environmental Protection, and evaluate of compliance periodically, 
  • agree to meet the requirements for the safe using and elimination of hazardous chemicals in products (in reference to legal requirements of EU, i.e. REACH, RoHS),
  • undertake to cooperate with qualified suppliers for continual improvement of the quality of delivered products without „Conflict Minerals” (Tantalum, Tungsten, Tin and Gold), which are getting in in wicked and extremely dangerous working conditions,
  • undertakes to support the development of management system of our suppliers.
  • undertake to promote, maintain and continuously improve the suitability, adequacy and effectiveness of the Integrated Management System and engage employees in this scope,
  • strives to continual improvement of the quality of products and services provided,
  • undertake to improve working conditions constantly to eliminate accidents, occupational diseases and high potential incidents,
  • undertake to undertakes to protect the environment, prevent pollution and implement technological solutions to improve the environmental effects of operations,
  • control and optimize the amount of waste and other emitted pollutants,
  • is completely transparent for interested parties in activities affecting the environment,
  • undertake to raise awareness of our employees for sustainable development and motivate external service providers and guests to care for work safety and the natural environment.


The Management Board of Hanplast Ltd. with the top management take full responsibility for compliance with the rules contained in Integrated Management System Policy, realization the strategic direction of the organization, set strategic and operational goals with the involvement of all employees of our company and fully aware of the commitment to provide possible resources.



Aleksander Majchrowicz


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To be dependable and competitive business partner that is responsible for all the stages of the project – from idea to the product – in a long-term cooperation with customers in order to jointly create innovative, solid and economically effective products.


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